There have been some very popular women here over the years. Claudia was an Italian beauty and was the favourite prostitute of Sebastian Horsley, the Soho artist. He mentioned her in his autobiography. Other popular women were Amber and Chelsea. Katy/Laura/Rosella Conti was popular and has been in porn.

Monica is a Latin beauty and is popular. Lisa and Eva are two beautiful young tall slender blondes. Eva might have left or be leaving soon. Mandy and Lucy are two of the few English women working in Soho. Mandy is a bit older. Sammy is Polish and used to be an accountant. Nicki is tall and slender. 70A Berwick Street is the only walk up that I know of that has a phone number. It is 02074340785. Recently the PunterNet website have made it difficult for people to make field reports for Soho walk ups. A phone number or web site is now needed before a field report can be made. But you can make a report for a woman at 70A Berwick Street. They deserve a bit of help.

Below is the menu for 70A Berwick Street showing services and prices, most Soho walk ups are the same.